About Us

Chip Control Auto Glass is no ordinary auto glass service. All of our service vehicles are painted just like our Texas Highway Patrol! You’ll see us coming way before you see our competitors. We might even make you want to slow down or even prompt you to reach for your seatbelt. But don’t worry, if you do talk to our friendly techs and are asked for a signature it will be for a solid life time guarantee for the work preformed on your vehicle, not a ticket.
Just like Law Enforcement, Chip Control Auto Glass is committed to your safety when it comes to auto glass and helping every driver see clearly. That’s why we believe we are the DPS of Auto Glass. Dependable Professional Service (DPS) We are truly “Committed to getting crack off Texas Highways” TM. So whatever auto glass issue you have you know you can count on Chip Control Auto Glass, a Dependable Professional Service, for all repairs or replacements of any glass on wheels.