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Here at Chip Control Auto Glass, we understand the importance of having Clean Car Windows. Not only do they look better but they also improve the visibility while driving. As easy as it sounds to clean a car window many car owners get frustrated by the ugly streaks which form after trying to clean them. But here at Chip Control, Your Copperas Cove Auto Glass Experts got you covered!

RULE #1: Don’t Use Ammonia!

As crazy as it sounds, ammonia is a chemical found in most of our cleaning products today and even though it gets the job done for most dirty situations, it’s a HUGE NO for your car’s windows. Truth be told ammonia does not bode well with most car surfaces such as rubber, leather, and vinyl. Also let’s not  for get that ammonia fumes are dangerous and should not be inhaled in a closed environment. If you’re a car owner with tined windows, ammonia poses a damage risk to the film itself.

RULE #2: Ditch your Home Rags & Get a Microfiber Towel!

Alot of people have seem to think that old towels or old ripped clothing is sufficient enough to clean Car Windows. Some people even use newspaper! Though these can some visible dirt and moisture from a car window, you can bet the results cannot compare to what a microfiber towel can do! Microfiber towels can be used to clean even the most stubborn stains and produce great results! Please note that for the best results when using a microfiber towel, you should avoid using cheap microfiber products since most of them shed fibers easily.

RULE #3: All in The Motion

The last rule for avoiding car streaks is the process of actually cleaning them. You can have the best products and if not applied correctly, you can guarantee that your car windows will still streak! If you are using a window spray cleaner, avoid spraying directly on the glass as most of it will be will be lost to the surrounding air. Instead, spray the cleaner on a dry disposable towel and then proceed to wiping the dirt and grime off the windows. This should be done in a rhythmic and spreading motion. After clearing all the dirty grime, use a microfiber towel to wipe the glass surface and remove any remaining dirt residue and streaks.

Well that’s it for this post today! Use these tips and expect to see amazing results and no Streaks in your Car Windows!