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The source best male enhancement zytenz is here. Everything is fake. If you teach you how Best Male Enhancement Zytenz to use it, what can you do Hollow and tired Terran is cunning and treacherous Best Male Enhancement Zytenz hateful There is no good thing.


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Proving the Dao here best erectile dysfunction pill is almost the same as Best Male Enhancement Zytenz that of the outside world, and now proving the Dao is not dangerous.

Maybe King Wu is called Taishan He is female excitement pills not too sure. Su Yu s heart moved. Taishan Lao Zhou scolded Taishan all day long. So, the one who killed Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Lao Zhou was actually King Wu I go So awesome How strong is Lao Zhou You can tell by seeing his resentment before.

Su Yu said that he would kill Best Male Enhancement Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Zytenz him without any muddles, uncle, it was too difficult to cooperate with other undead spirits before Drop the chain at the critical moment This time, he can finally solve the two brothers.

10, 20, 30 When the 40th acupuncture point was integrated with other acupuncture points, it turned into one acupuncture point, and there was a loud bang, and the sea of super deluxe sex stuff will expanded again At this moment, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Best Male Enhancement Zytenz some clouds appeared again between the heaven and the earth.

He has to improve his divine writing Otherwise, every time he counts on heaven and earth rewards, now killing an invincible, no rewards, how many times can he count on Do you expect to kill half the emperor next time Maybe Su Yu quickly absorbed those willpower, Best Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Male Enhancement Zytenz Xiao Maoqiu drooled, he also wanted it, but unfortunately, Xiangxiang himself is lacking, and now best male enhancement zytenz he will not eat it Xiao Maoqiu has been Best Male Enhancement Zytenz promoted to Shanhai for some time, and after being promoted, he has not eaten good things.

This is not the Hongmeng City side Xing Hong didn t say much anymore. In an instant, he disappeared in place and flew toward the sky to destroy the city. He didn t cover his whereabouts and didn t show it specifically, but he also attracted the attention anti boner pills of countless people Xinghong is out again Su best enhancement Yu, sex for people with low libido is he in Xingyu Mansion What s the situation If it is, then why Xinghong has been able to move freely Damn Best Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Male Enhancement Zytenz it As soon as Xinghong left, Liu Hong smiled.

The question Don t say anything else, just now, the immortals are coming out of the nest, the old tortoises are all going to die, do you believe it or not letter Su Yu nodded and smiled I understand the truth My lord means that I am so powerful now, which may cause some Best Male Enhancement Zytenz people s attention, and even some old antiques appear to kill Best Male Enhancement Zytenz me.

I m going out One hundred thousand years I knocked all of you to death with Best Male Enhancement Zytenz a stick Hey hey Tian Mie sneered, Su Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Yu, this kid, give me a little bit of best male zytenz cruelty, what do you do without cruelty, how to fight without cruelty, kill him upside down, get all the old ones out, and knock them all down As he was thinking, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz a dim sound came, Heaven is off, what did you just say to Su Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Yu no Tian Mie grinned, Boss, I didn t do anything I just told him to fight within the rules, otherwise, we will never violate the rules to help him For example, go out of the city Best Male Enhancement Zytenz to fight, unless we are in the holy city I ve been attacked, otherwise, I would never make it The old turtle s voice came vaguely, Heaven is gone, you have to know that you are not only representing you, but also other brothers and sisters.

Now it is in trouble. These guys want to find out Su Yu, penis enlargement fowfers excercise videos but don t they care about finding out the Su Yu human race Daxia Wang and the others were extremely nervous.

Some are invincible, even some joking. You are in a best zytenz hurry So anxious Are you really Su Yu At this moment, Xinghong said coldly He is Su Yu, and Su Yu didn t go to Xingyu Mansion at Best Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Male Enhancement Zytenz all Good guy, the guards are in a hurry At this moment, everyone is sure.

There is a downward trend, but it was also a high level Best Male Enhancement Zytenz in the past Such a huge force is not comparable to the human race today.

As a result, just for a while, at the moment when the other invincibles arrived, the four anti boner pills invincibles, three died, and one was abolished He tilted his head to look into the depths of the immortal world, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz and slightly condensed his eyebrows.

In the middle of the three tides, he was disappointed, hesitant, and wandering. I can t wait for King Wen At the beginning of the seventh Best Male Enhancement Zytenz tide, he felt that King Wen could not return, so Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Best Male Enhancement Zytenz when that tide began, he began to refine the hunting list.

Now that it s over, let s talk about the jokes. Void volatility, the long river of time is connected, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz the law enforcement elder looks at the invincibles on the periphery, and said in a deep voice If you dare not step forward, please use the law of time to interfere with the sage As soon as these words came out, those small tribes were overjoyed.


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I ve lived into the belly of a dog at an age, and I m not afraid of it. I m not afraid. average men pics What are you worried about A group of people were speechless. At this moment, Tian Gu continued to spread his voice, Now stand up one person, stand up, and the super deluxe sex stuff Best Male Enhancement Zytenz rest will continue to lurch, Human Race has no chance Who is he telling, now stand up best male for you, the strong human race, and will never believe the words of the Great Zhou King and others, and will not believe that there are no traitors in the invincible human race.

In Best Male Enhancement Zytenz a huge garden, yes, in the garden, countless Tianyuan fruit trees are covered with fruits, and under these fruit trees, under each huge fruit tree, there is a coffin.

King Zhi approached step by step, glanced at Su Yu and Wan Best Male Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Enhancement Zytenz Tiansheng, then looked at the people in Hunting Tian Pavilion and the invincibles outside, and said indifferently Everyone, are you taking action now, or retreating to watch the battle The faces of everyone were very different.

He thought that Su Yu was talking nonsense and was deliberately scaring people But wait for him to come down with Su Yu That sweaty Saint Wan Tian only felt that he was Best Male Enhancement Zytenz dead, because there were dozens of monarchs nearby, and male enhancement seen on shark tank all of them were looking at him with red light in their eyes It seems to be thinking about how to eat him His heart is about to jump out You kid, you re not kidding Best Male Enhancement Zytenz The Saints of All Heavens were shocked by this wanting to play.

They were very courageous. The dead spirits were actually very rigid, without much fear. The commander said to kill, so naturally he would kill Just finished talking here, there was a loud bang, an invincible powerhouse, screamed sternly, torn apart by several necromantic monarchs, his flesh instantly collapsed, and his flesh and blood splattered And those dead spirits also swallowed those flesh and blood one after another, very excited Necromancers love the Best Male Enhancement Zytenz blood of living people.

These people are good. They can kill Best Male Enhancement Zytenz three corpses. I Divide one and take the rest At this moment, the two monarchs are relieved, so let s divide it like this And the Minister of Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Land Department who had just resurrected, screamed Su Yu, you hurt me Su Yu shrugged and didn t turn his head back It won t hurt you.

At this moment, from a distance, the old tortoise s Best Male Enhancement Zytenz voice came from afar Daobao, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz hand over the word record , and sex for people with low libido Tianxi can forgive you Boss obedient Although Tian Mie was dissatisfied, at this moment, he had no choice but to male enhancement seen on shark tank roar Take it out quickly, otherwise this king will kill female excitement pills you with a stick In sex for people with low libido the distance, Duobao quickly threw a treasure Over there, Tianyuan Banhuang s eyes moved slightly, and he wanted to grab it.

This guy was very dead and felt more like a necroman than them. He was a little hesitant for a while, and Su Yu shouted Don t worry, monarchs, soon, I will give You bring more blood When the words were over, Su Yu rushed to the passage and quickly rushed out of the passage In the distance, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz an anger resounded throughout the world, Asshole, you are provoking this seat That is the angry Hou His descendants have been killed That Zunhou was already struck dumbly at this moment and was a little unable to hold it.

An ancient existence was somewhat shaken. Hou Qishan At this moment, the void splits, and a projection of an ancient Best Male Enhancement Zytenz existence is projected, Su Yu, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz you said you met Qishanhou Su Yu looked at this shadow and smiled and said Who are you Kill me or help me Kill me, you count as how to make your peines thicker a grandson, why should I tell you Help me, let s talk about it At this moment, penis enlargement fowfers excercise videos he is very arrogant.

President, if you don t mind, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz let s ask the situation together and get some gossip Wan Tian Sheng laughed You don t rest No I am very interested in these things now Su Yu got up and said Let s go, now the necromancers below have withdrawn, just Xingyue and a few of penis enlargement fowfers excercise videos them are here, they are here, then below is my territory, it is not dangerous Wan Tian Sheng also got up and chuckled You ate Best Male Enhancement Zytenz wife has lost her libido the monarch to death.

One is Hetu, and the other is stunned with a slightly lower breath than before. Two figures fell quickly. Daze, or Xia Chen, took a look at Su Yu, then at Wan Tiansheng, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz and finally looked at Liu Hong who was male enhancement thrown on the ground.

Who was responsible for bringing out the dead souls of the Best Male Enhancement Zytenz sun and the moon It s not a last resort, don t use it Cheng Kai snorted and couldn t mess around.

The male enhancement seen on shark tank City Lord s Mansion also fell silent for a moment. In all directions, the strong men hiding in the ancient house were slightly stagnant. Is this Su Yu going to visit the city lord Well, this is not the point. The point wife has lost her libido is, the prefix added by this guy is a bit bluff The four kings were pulled out by him When are you the god grandson of King Daxia and King Daming When are the disciples of King Miecan and King Tianzhu again Best Male Enhancement Zytenz And Su Yu, thinking that he didn t lie, he told Xia Huyou that your grandfather is my grandfather and your great grandfather is mine.

He raised his head to look at Best Male Enhancement Zytenz the city lord of Tianhe, who said lightly Life and death, life and death, are just a thin Best Male Enhancement Zytenz line apart Living Best Male Enhancement Zytenz to death, the ultimate of death is regeneration Su Yu didn t understand too much, and said in a deep voice The student is ignorant and didn t understand the meaning of the city lord Tianhe smiled lightly and said What s the deep meaning, just feel it You are not brave enough, you dare to drink the necrotic liquid, and there are not many people who dare to drink it.


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He Best Male Enhancement Zytenz thoughtfully bowed and said, Thank you, seniors, for your advice. I can t chew too much. I understand the truth Yes, I have learned enough, stop being greedy Regardless of whether it is a program or a predecessor, to drive yourself away is probably to tell yourself the truth.

  • Is your friend Sun Moon No, it s Shanhai. Tianmen smiled and Best Male Enhancement Zytenz said It is normal for the how to make your peines thicker sun and the moon to have a little wisdom. The stronger, after death, if you transform into a necroman, you may be able to retain more wisdom and consciousness.

  • In the ancient house, I can t kill. I can t kill it Liu Wenyan said in a huff They were really killed, maybe invincible will be caused I know some guys over there are descendants of invincible, kill a few more, invincible will have to sex for people with low libido come over Kill, don t rush for a while Su Yu nodded, well, you are right.

  • So, even if 72 casting is completed, it is actually not Best Male Enhancement Zytenz a big deal in the sun and the moon It s a pity, so to speak, my physical body has reached Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Best Male Enhancement Zytenz the peak of the Ninth Layer of the Sky, and it may not be smooth to deal with some sun and moon.

  • When you ask for it, you say there is no way to price of extenze get it out. It s over, you got it out. Who believes it I don t believe it Talking about it, the two have already seen the Heavenly Broken Valley, and the sword energy male enhancement seen on shark tank is still there, but it price of extenze is obviously weaker than before.

  • In fact, it can be considered as the inheritance of the Xia family Xia Chen, the head Best Male Enhancement Zytenz of the Xia family, is still brothers with the Daxia King.

  • Good too It seems that the matching degree Best Male Enhancement Zytenz is not high. If this is the case, you don t have to worry about whether to Best Male Enhancement Zytenz pass it to Su Yu, because he can t match.

  • The next moment, a golden light that illuminates the sea of will shoots out boom With a loud Best Male Enhancement Zytenz noise, the trembling Zhenzi divine writing suddenly turned into a giant axe and killed it towards the golden light.

  • After everyone enters the Best Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Male Enhancement Zytenz city, I will enter the city again, right Um Su Yu said again Teacher kills more sun and moon dead spirits.

  • If the Xuanjia average men pics Clan did not show up, then there would be no way to get mixed up. It s troublesome to show up The fairy clan is actually not a good thing. Minghe directly said that they had formed an alliance with the immortal clan, but it was still super deluxe sex stuff nothing, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz and the immortal Daocheng might have killed the silver armor.

  • Moreover, if you fight in Best Male Enhancement Zytenz the city, it is easy to provoke the dead. If you only kill Su Yu, the problem is not big. I m afraid, and Ye Hongyan fights the sun and the moon in the city. Once the sun and the moon are killed, the sun and the moon will be brought out again. Necromancers are in trouble when they close the city. At this moment, Minghe is also negotiating with others, and the sound transmission said Mohe, you can t let the strong people enter the city Once average men pics you female excitement pills enter the city, fight wife has lost her libido in the city and die for a day or two, then you will be in trouble Best Male Enhancement Zytenz , Closing the city again, it s a lot of trouble Mohe, the powerhouse of the Shimozu.

  • Also, it s useless to kill the opponent now. Kill in the city He thought the same as everyone else, but it was a big Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Best Male Enhancement Zytenz deal to go in and vote, kill people and lead out the dead, everyone was unlucky.

  • This is Best Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Male Enhancement Zytenz only suitable for the average men pics sun and the moon Are you Best Male Enhancement Zytenz rewarding me with this Su Yu glanced at it, there are still a lot, there are 10 drops, which is really a lot.

It is strange if he is not forced to hand him over. Let s wait for the limelight After a while, King Da Qin flashed Best Male Enhancement Zytenz and appeared in front of a person. He glanced at his proud grandson in the past, and then at his embarrassed appearance. Before Qin Fang could speak, he sighed Useless guy, shame on you, get out of here boom After kicking it out, Qin Fang didn t have time to say a word.


How To Make A Woman Climax Fast?

That means all races fear you That means the aptitude is against the sky, that means that all races are afraid of you In the end, why did I think my grandson was very good before Killed a lot of mountains and seas, Qin Fang of the Human Race, Qin Fang of the Qin Clan, have more face, shouted out, and the other invincibles all said that the grandson of King Great Qin is amazing Now, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz if you don t mention it, why don t the ten thousand clan hunt down my grandson King Da Qin is a little bleak One generation is not as good as one generation No, the grandson who has been on the Best Male Enhancement Zytenz top list is actually not that weak, but forget it, it s not comparable.

Daxia Mansion is really a den of thieves now, very good. At this moment, a sound transmitting talisman vibrated, and the place where the Ten Thousand Heavens Sacred Dynasty placed the sound transmitting talisman showed that there were a total Best Male Enhancement Zytenz of eight or nine sound transmitting talisman, one of which was vibrating.

If you are Jiu Zhong Riyue, then you should be prepared for preaching and thinking about things all day long Niu Baidao smiled and said Best Male Enhancement Zytenz It Best Male Enhancement Zytenz s not a crazy idea, I m thinking, if I have a chance, I have to prepare too In fact, I think you have a great chance.

So many invincible realm powerhouses Best Male Enhancement Zytenz are really going to break out in a big Best Male Enhancement Zytenz battle, and they cannot be completely destroyed.

Zhutian Wanbaolou, this one is really unfamiliar. The name Best Male Enhancement Zytenz is atmospheric, not necessarily a big organization, it may Best Male Enhancement Zytenz be just a small store, which male enhancement seen on shark tank is normal.

Yes, the more detailed the better He didn t say that he wanted the materials of the Star Sea, but the Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Earth Sea God Gold he wanted was a material for casting soldiers from the Star Sea, which was Best Male Enhancement Zytenz only available in the Star Sea, and it was expensive.

It sex for people with low libido s not necessary When you reach the fifth and sixth level of Lingyun, if you kill Best Male Enhancement Zytenz the seventh and eighth level of Lingyun, you probably won t have any rewards.

It s a good place to temper your female excitement pills body Su Yu felt that it was a good place. The further down, the stronger the vitality and the greater the pressure. In this place, the best erectile dysfunction pill Best Male Enhancement Zytenz effect of tempering the physical body should not be weak, the breathing method works, and a large Best Male Enhancement Zytenz amount of vitality is absorbed by him.

Iron eaters may be able to pretend to be, but Best Male Enhancement Zytenz I don t know if there are many in this clan Will they be troubled If there are too many, the deterrence is not strong, and if the number Best Male Enhancement Zytenz is too small, it will be troublesome.

The key is that the other party is carrying Tianhu salivation. His Best Male Enhancement Zytenz blood was female excitement pills throbbing. Was it penis enlargement fowfers excercise videos a trap, or was someone carrying this accidentally, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz not daring to attack, and kept following behind The clan elder should have felt it too When the team stopped, the man behind also stopped.

Those who dare to occupy the mountain as king will not best male enhancement be too weak. And Su Yu, without even looking, cut out with a flying knife Pouch Head fall Hello from Ten Thousand Stone Realm It should be a sentry Best Male Enhancement Zytenz or something, Su Yu didn t ask much, and killed him directly.

Su Yu s heart trembled slightly, and he found a best erectile dysfunction pill place, probably it was time for the battle of life and death to break Best Male Enhancement Zytenz out At this moment, he cast his sights on Xia Qing.

Even if the mountains and seas break through, I have to be entangled, seven or eight Lingyun, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz entangled a mountain and sea for a moment, there is no problem.

And Su Yu, who had been looking for it, soon walked to a mountain col. In front of me, there are still mountain peaks and cliffs. However, Su Yu vaguely felt some divine text fluctuations. This place should have been blocked by divine texts. This stone Best Male Enhancement Zytenz wall is Best Male Enhancement Zytenz probably where the door is located. How to turn it on Su Yu doesn t know He can t drive Su Yu didn t care, and shouted It s here I found it The place is found Little friend, do you want to price of extenze open and enter now Someone Best Male Enhancement Zytenz asked, you open it Su Yu looked around and said, Everyone, I can t take everyone in here.


What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Booster?

kill Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Today, one don t even want to leave. It is troublesome to leak anyone. The governor of Jiutian Academy Half step the strong of the sun and the moon Whether it was Lingyun or flying into the sky, in his hands, they were all killed by a palm.

Why should you participate in the Great Xia Mansion dispute Best Male Enhancement Zytenz The rough man smiled and said I can t help, my junior, send me a message, if you don t come back, you will expel me from the master s school After that, he looked at Su Yu in the distance, and said with emotion A genius You didn t enter my younger brother s school.

As he was thinking, he was slightly startled, and instantly stopped his preparation to save people. at the same time. Su Yu also Best Male Enhancement Zytenz gritted his teeth and looked at the small sword that was quickly chasing super deluxe sex stuff behind him. This is sex for people with low libido a magic rune, which kills the existence of the sea of will. This anti boner pills thing is countless times more expensive than vitality wife has lost her libido martial arts Just this magic rune, female excitement pills there is no one or two thousand feats, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz don t think about it Do you think best erectile dysfunction pill this can do me anything Su Yu roared, Dreaming The next moment, 108 super deluxe sex stuff divine orifices quickly began to flash, fusing the techniques The three sets of exercises begin to merge in an instant 108 tricks, originally separate.

At this moment, he quickly spread the voice Master, in case there are Best Male Enhancement Zytenz more dreams at night It s time to kill Kill all these people and take Su Yu away.

If you are asking for help, if you guessed correctly, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz it should be the guy from the Dashang Mansion. It takes a lot of time Best Male Enhancement Zytenz for him to come, unless he is nearby at the beginning, I don t think it s possible.

And Zhu Tiandao, when he left, the next moment, he was overjoyed, looking at Su Yu, his smiling Best Male Enhancement Zytenz teeth appeared Last time I said about my granddaughter, you didn t agree.

My average men pics junior brother is stubborn. I have asked him to go to the Great Zhou Mansion with me long ago. Best Male Enhancement Zytenz He has to go. Forget it, let him. Best Male Enhancement Zytenz You cherish yourself and don t believe anyone. In this world, believing in yourself is the truth. of He said, he threw a ring to Su Yu casually, Storage ring, this thing Best Male Enhancement Zytenz is not very useful, and it is needed by the warriors.

Outside the academy, Chen Hao hid Best Male Enhancement Zytenz in Best Male Enhancement Zytenz the crowd and shouted Seriously Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Best Male Enhancement Zytenz punish the mastermind behind the scenes Children of heroes, kill if you say you want to kill them.

Xia Houye smiled, looked at the envoy of seeking realm, and said with a smile Zhou Yun, did you hear the voice of the outside world Banned major civilized academies, what do you say about seeking realm Hou Ye This messenger said solemnly at this moment It s just Best Male Enhancement Zytenz that a few people make mistakes, not everyone is wrong.

Other factions such as taming beasts and casting soldiers are in subsidiary status. Director Hou smiled and said Don t you think that King Daming is a civilized division. Our fighters in Daming Mansion are weak. best enhancement zytenz On the Best Male Enhancement Zytenz contrary, there are more types of civilized divisions, more theories involved, and more factions, so our fighters are stronger In Daming Mansion, there how to make your peines thicker are three how to make your peines thicker extremely powerful legions.

In the battlefield of Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Best Male Enhancement Zytenz the heavens, it is also a front line army, and it is rumored that it can compete with the dragon.

Those who are powerful can generally Best Male Enhancement Zytenz hold you down by one level. Invincible entered, and it was also suppressed into the sun and the moon. One wife has lost her libido of the invincibles is sitting in town. You must at least let 10 invincibles attack, be suppressed into the sun and the Best Male Enhancement Zytenz moon and besiege you before you can hope to capture it.

fart Zhu Tiandao cursed Bullshit You old people, just be Best Male Enhancement Zytenz lazy. Now let s see, how are the younger generations of anti boner pills the Daming Mansion brought to you Don t you have any points in your heart Su Yu entered the Daming Mansion, and so did I.

Ahem In the crowd, an old man opened his mouth and said Palace Master, is this inappropriate Part of the allocation is okay, but all of them are expected to be Best Male Enhancement Zytenz paid by everyone.


Best Male Enhancement Zytenz: Final Verdict

Help Su Yu build the research institute, we pay, this is not good Your Best Male Enhancement Zytenz old Zhu s family is rich, so you can pay for it yourself.

At least much better than the descendants of many families who can t get better. No more dialogue with Zhu Hongliang, the next moment, Su Yu stepped into Best Male Enhancement Zytenz the hall. Seeing the people around him, everyone looked at himself best erectile dysfunction pill strangely, he didn t care, he didn t squint, and bowed to salute and said Meet the palace lord, student Su Yu, thank you palace lord for saving his life Free gift Zhu Tiandao smiled and said Just before you came, I discussed with you, you talk about your own ideas, is to go to a school to study, or to study alone Students are willing to enter the Ming Dynasty Academy of Civilization Zhu Tiandao nodded slightly, This is also right.

In the garden, there are many pavilions, small bridges and flowing water, and a huge Best Male Enhancement Zytenz Best Male Enhancement Zytenz artificial lake.

Outside the Tiandu Mansion, how anti boner pills to move it Then why not build such laboratories in other big cities, or simply Best Male Enhancement Zytenz sell technology Hu Xiansheng interrupted That would require me to host it.

Although Xia Yuwen was defeated by Bai Feng, he had disappeared a lot recently, but this one was not really weak, male enhancement zytenz he was also a famous powerhouse, Best Male Enhancement Zytenz and he also killed many Lingyun realm powerhouses in the battlefield of the heavens.

In other words, the beast trainer in the sun and moon realm may have a large army of anti boner pills monsters. Best Male Enhancement Zytenz For other realms, you can conquer a few monsters if you outline a few accommodating divine texts. It s not bad, next time I will outline a space divine text and have a look. There are also many kinds of space divine writings, those that store things, those that travel through space, and those that tear space.

Hu Xiansheng smiled and said A vacant tutor can not enter Best Male Enhancement Zytenz the 21st floor, no benefits, no rewards, no salary, male zytenz no merits throughout the year Entering the 21st floor, you can get 210 merits that year, and so on, enter the 30th floor.