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It’s important to communicate with us at Chip Control Auto Glass ¬†regarding your windshield chips and repairs. When searching for copperas cove auto glass repair, our specialists at Chip Control Auto Glass will ensure that you are comfortable with us taking care of your windshield needs. In order for us to fulfill our valued customer’s needs in copperas cove auto glass repair, it is important for you to clearly express your expectations with us.

As terrifying as chips in a windshield may seem, they are usually not as frightening as they appear to be. The purpose of chip repair is not for the cosmetics of the windshield (though it can be a bonus!), it is to preserve the functionality of the windshield as a safeguard for the roof in the event of an accident. By auto glass industry standards, a windshield is broken when it has a rock chip. Depending on how a window is damaged and it’s severity, various environmental factors can cause chips to get worse when repaired. If you can cover a chip entirely with a coin and it doesn’t interfere with your line of sight, it can be repaired as long as the chip doesn’t expand. A chip repair is successful as long as it hasn’t outspread after driving the vehicle around. Watermarks on the surface of the windshield after a repair is completely normal.

There are instances that require a full replacement of the windshield. If a chip expands while it is being repaired, there is a high likelihood that it will continue to crack, thereby making your vehicle unsafe. Other circumstances which require a new windshield are multiple chips in a windshield (3 or more), the layer of glass inside being damaged, the area of impact being crushed to dust, or the chip being larger than a quarter. Even after having a chip repaired, insurance companies will recommend replacing the windshield if a watermark obstructs your sight.