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A cracked or chipped windshield can happen all throughout the year. There are many events that may require you to have Copperas Cove auto glass repair. Some of these events include road conditions, vandalism and weather conditions. Below are some of the seasonal reasons your windshield may become cracked or chipped. During the summer, your windshield may chip and crack due to expansion because of the heat. This can occur when you turn on your AC. The sudden change in temperature is what causes the cracks. We suggest parking in cool areas to avoid the hot temperatures. Also, make sure gradually increase your AC in your car instead of blasting it.

In order to prevent a chip from becoming more expensive, as soon as you notice a crack or chip, go to Chip Control Auto Glass for your Copperas Cove auto glass repair. The fall can be a dangerous season for your windshield. The sticks, nuts and branches that fall from the trees can damage your windshield. In the event this happens you will require Copperas Cove auto glass repair. Try to park away from trees during autumn. Winter’s severe weather conditions and temperature changes can be extremely dangerous for your windshield. Hail, falling icicles and icy roads are all risks to be cautious of. The leading season of auto accidents, winter can wreak havoc on your windshield. Like summer, you also need to gradually increase the heat in your car to avoid cracks from sudden temperature change. Avoid parking under icicles. Springs shifts in temperature and unpredictable storms are a danger to your auto glass. Avoid driving during storms and park away from areas at risk of falling debris. So If you happen to need Copperas Cove auto glass repair, call the experts at Chip Control Auto Glass today!