$40 for the first repair and $10 for each additional WINDSHIELD REPAIR!

Chip Control

2519 E HWY 190
Copperas Cove, TX 76522
Killeen: (254) 518-5204
Copperas Cove: (254) 547-0228
Lampasas: (512) 556-4126
Toll Free: (888) 356-4126

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What you should know about our repair process;
  • Takes Approximately 15 to 30 minutes
  • We accept insurance claims and out of pocket payment
  • Out of pocket cost is $40.00 for the first chip and $10.00 for each additional chip
  • Crack repair costs vary, depending on the length of the crack
  • If you have full coverage insurance on your vehicle, most insurance companies will waive your deductible and  pay for the repair at no cost to you. 
  • Repairs are intended to keep chips and cracks from spreading and improve visual clarity. Repairs do not make the damage to the glass disappear.
  • Our FREE mobile service allows us to come to your home or work to perform the repairs
  • All of our repairs come with a lifetime warranty against cracking out or spreading. If this occurs, we first try to repair it further. If we are not able to repair it, we will either refund the money to the payee(s) or give the customer a credit towards a new glass
Not only are our trained technicians trained to provide you with the best service repair possible, they are also able to assist you in filing insurance claims to pay for the repair. If you decide a chip or crack in your glass, please give us a call we can help.
Our technicians can repair just about all chips and cracks up to six inches, or a dollar bill, in length.  This service is considered preventive maintenance and keeps customers from having to replace their windshield.